Guidance Counselor

Hello, my name is Mrs. McLeod and I am the guidance counselor at Souris School. I have over 25 years experience working with students in the field of education . I have a Masters Degree in education specializing in Guidance and Counselling. I see students individually, as a group or as a classroom. You are welcome to e-mail me or phone the school with your concerns or questions.Please feel free to contact me at or phone the school at 483-2161 Ext. 2605.

What is Counselling?

It is the chance to talk about feelings and the effect they have on you
It gives you ideas to solve a problem
It gives you an opportunity to talk about a problem, even if there isn’t a way to change things
It can help you find ways to cope with various situations happening in your life
It offers you support and let's you know you aren't alone
The guidance counselor is a link to other services and agencies that may be able to help