Mrs. Farmer

(an excerpt from the book by Robert Fulghum)
  • Share everything.
  • Play fair.
  • Don't hit people.
  • Put things back where you found them.
  • Clean up your own mess.
  • Don't take things that aren't yours.
  • Say you're sorry when you hurt somebody.
  • Wash your hand before you eat.
  • Flush.
  • Warm cookies and cold milk are good for you.
  • Live a balanced life - learn some and think some and drawand paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some.



Welcome to Souris School‚Äôs Kindergarten Class!  Our school offers a unique program that provides your child developmentally appropriate activities and an exciting environment in which to learn. I invite you to support and participate in your child‚Äôs education.

Souris Kindergarten seeks to balance child initiated learning with teacher directed activities.  Our program reflects the latest research on how children learn.  It‚Äôs a place where we try to develop dispositions and inclinations to read, write and solve problems.  

 One of my goals throughout the year is to maintain clear communication with the parents/guardians of my students so you are always aware of what is happening in our classroom.  The following information package contains some basic details about our Kindergarten program.  If you have any questions which are not answered in these pages, please do not hesitate to contact me.

ATTENDANCE: Consistent attendance is essential for your child to obtain the maximum benefit from our carefully planned program.  Please have them here on time.  If your child must be absent, please notify the school.  If you will be picking your child up during a school day, please send a note stating such in the morning.  If your child is running a temperature,please keep them at home.  Please make sure your child knows who is picking them up after school each day.  

SNACK: We have 2 snack times, as well as lunch during a school day.  Snack and lunch items must not contain nuts or nut products, fish or seafood, primary egg products or kiwi fruit.  This is due to severe student allergies.  Please do not send candy or soft drinks to school.  Carrot sticks, raisins, crackers and cheese, or a piece of fruit make nutritious and delicious snacks.  You may send water or an extra juice box for snack time.  There is also a water fountain outside our classroom for students to use throughout the day.  

HOT LUNCH: The school provides a wide variety of hot and cold lunch items at our canteen.  You are welcome to make use of this service for your child, however, not for the first two weeks of school please. We will get settled into our regular routines first.  A food/price list will be sent home to you in the near future.  Please send exact amounts of money and seal it in an envelope or small baggie clearly marked with your child‚Äôs name, grade, teacher‚Äôs name & food being ordered.  The food will be delivered to our room at lunch time.

TOYS: Please leave all toys at home (unless it is your child‚Äôs Show & Tell day).  At this age, when their own toys come to school, they are often misplaced and then we have disappointment and tears.

DRESS: Have your child wear play clothes and shoes which are appropriate for gym activities.  They will need a pair of shoes that are only for inside use and one pair for only outside use. When choosing school clothes, remember we paint, paste & play actively.

IDENTIFICATION OF BELONGINGS: Please put your child‚Äôs name of EVERYTHING he/she brings to school.  All parkas and boots look amazingly similar ‚Äì particularly when you are five years old!

SHOW AND TELL: On his/her ‚Äúnews‚Äù days, your child will be given an opportunity to bring something special to share with the class. The purpose of this activity is to encourage the children to speak to the group, so it is important that the child chooses the article he/she brings.  I would ask that you discourage your child from bringing anything extremely fragile or irreplaceable.  On some days your child may choose to ‚Äútell‚Äù rather than ‚Äúshow‚Äù us something.  Show and Tell will begin later this fall.  More info to come!

TEDDY: Teddy is our class mascot.  Throughout theschool year, the students have the opportunity to take Teddy home. The children grow to love Teddy as he travels from one child‚Äôs home to another.  Teddy comes equipped with many things in his backpack.  Please follow the instructions written inside his journal. Have fun!  It is important that Teddy be returned to school the next Kindergarten school day.

HOMEWORK ENVELOPE: In order to ensure that important papers travel safely to and from school, each student is provided with a large manila envelope. Please check for this envelope each day and empty the contents.  If mail needs to come back to school, send it back in the same envelope.  Please ensure that the envelope is returned to school each day, even if it is empty.

HOMEWORK: Once in a while I will be sending home some ‚Äúhomework‚Äù for your child to complete at home.  The activities are usually not too time consuming and often pertain to what we are learning at school.  Please help your child complete their homework and return it to school by the date indicated on the assignment.

SCHOOL BAG: I like each child to have a school bag marked with his/her name that is always carried to and from school each day.  This ensures that important notes and items will be exchanged between home andschool.  PLEASE CHECK YOUR CHILD‚ÄôS BAG OFTEN!

RECESS: As long as the weather outside is reasonable, Kindergarten children go outside to the playground for recess.  Please dress your child accordingly.  I will go outside with them for the first couple of days to ensure they understand the area of the playground theyare able to play in.

SCHOOL DAY CALENDAR: Souris School Early Years operates on a four day cycle.  You have been provided with a calendar for the year with our school days circled.  Our class will always meet on DAYS 2 & 4 unless otherwise notified.  I will also send home a Kindergarten monthly newsletter and calendar informing you of the events of the past month, and the upcoming plans.

CLASSROOM BOOK BORROWING: Your child will be able to borrow books from the class library on a regular basis.  It is very important that they learn good library habits from the outset.  Please help your child select a safe place in your home to keep the book and see that he/she returns the book in their book bag after one or two days.  Please fill out the enclosed notebook or recording sheet so we can keep a record of the books borrowed.  Should a book not be returned to school, the child will not be able to take a new book until the first is returned or I am notified by a parent.  This program will begin in October.

CONTRIBUTIONS: Children who contribute items to their classroom often build a sense of belonging that is important.  We‚Äôre always in need of yogurt cups, toilet or paper towel rolls, yarn, buttons, etc.  We‚Äôll likely accept anything‚ĶGive us a try!

BOOK CLUBS: I will be sending home Scholastic book orders once a month.  They are reasonably priced and good quality books.  You may send cash or cheque (payable to Scholastic Canada) with the order form.  The books will arrive 2-3 weeks after I submit the order.  Should you wish to order a book as a surprise for your child, write me a note with your wishes.  Ordering books also allows us to get free books & other educational items for our classroom!


8:15-8:40 - Children are welcome to wait in the South entrance if arriving before classes start at 8:55. There is no adult supervision until

8:30 - 

8:40 - Bell rings to enter classrooms to prepare for the day.

8:55-10:30 - Classes         

10:30-10:45 - RECESS

10:50-11:50 - Classes

11:50-12:30 - LUNCH

11:50-12:10 - Time to eat.  Students may go outside at 12:00 if they are  finished.

12:10-12:30 - Everyone outside for recess unless very harsh weather conditions. Recess will then be inside.  

12:40-2:04 - Classes

2:00-2:10 - RECESS       

2:10-3:15 - Classes


I am looking forward to working with you and your child this year.  I am anticipating a happy and productive Kindergarten year!  If you have any questions or concerns throughout the year, please don‚Äôt hesitate to contact me.

Mrs. Jane Farmer
Kindergarten Teacher