2D Animation/ 3D Modelling

The purpose of 2D Animation is to provide the skills and knowledge to create two-dimentional animations.  Students will: define the purpose and audience for an animation, discuss various types of animations, create a storyboard, create animation objects, import files, use a timeline and animate objects. 

The purpose of 3D Modelling is to provide students with the skills and knowledge to use software to create three-dimentional models that represent real objects or illustrate ideas.  Students will: describe the uses of 3-D modelling, define the basic principles, build objects and enhance the visual presentation of a model by setting object properties and applying textures to objects.

Please use the following links to complete your assignments:

3D Modelling

Make a Model:

Moving and Copying:


Building the walls of a house:


Follow Me Tool:


Digital Woodworking:

Model a Lantern and a Sphere

Rotate Tool