Parent Advisory Council

All parents and guardians of students registered at Souris School are voting members. Members of the school community who are not parents of students currently in the system are non-voting members.
Next Meeting: February 2017

Meetings are conducted efficiently, adjourning no later than 9pm, and with fairness to the members present in accordance with the agreements established by Souris School PAC. Motions are carried by a majority vote.

Executive Members

Each school year, a slate of officers from the voting members, are elected to the following positions at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in March.

President: Mandy Armstrong

Vice President: Shirley Goldrich McFaul

Secretary: Maria Ducharme

Treasurer: Heather Remillard

Early Years Representative: Loretta Turner

Middle Years Representative: Jaycee Thexton

Senior Years Representative: Shirley Goldrich McFaul

Microwave Coordinator: Maria Ducharme

Special Needs Representative: Lloyd Giles

Allergy Representative: